Thursday, May 22, 2008

Keys To Communicating For Healthy Relationships

Understanding how to enjoy a successful relationship isn't rocket science. Rocket science is easier!

Learning how to communicate so your partner gets the message requires you understand a couple of ideas.

First: Communication, especially for relationship partners, is a multi-leveled and meta-communicational expression. In other words, what you say with words plays a small role in communicating your intended message.

Your tone of voice, the position of your eyes, the lack or presence of frown lines between your eyes as you are talking, are part of the message. (If both of you closed your eyes whenever you have a conversation, the message would be different even if you used the exact same words with your eyes open. However this would not be practical or beneficial)

Second: When both of you are ready to work together to improve the way you communicate, schedule a candlelight brunch or dinner. Being away from your residence for this brainstorming session is vitally important. The dynamics of location play a role in any conversation. Now you can begin working on guidelines that you both can use to establish a balanced approach to how you deliver the messages you trade when you communicate.

Finally: Begin with an open discussion of how you feel when your emotions feed into your messages causing you to distort what you actually want to say. This first part of the process must be non judgemental and freeflowing, just like any other brainstorming session. (Google "brainstorming" for suggestions and ideas you can use)

Be sure to cover every one of the modifications you want to introduce to your individual style for communicating. While your individual styles will always differ, the growth of your relationship must be fueled with honesty, respect and loyalty to each other. With this as the foundation your investment of time and focus toward communication will pay dividends for years to come.

Please feel to share your comments and questions.

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