Saturday, November 29, 2008

Obamas as Relationship Models?

Obamas as relationship models has been the buzz since election night. The entire world watched when President Elect Obama walked out on the stage and reached out for his beautiful wife and partner Michelle.

Their kiss and lingering hug was the most private and public display of affection I can remember. The crowd's noises of approval are not easily separated from the overal frenzy of the night. So the question remains, "can we catagorize the Obamas as relationship models?"

As a seasoned relationship coach and mentor, I, for one, can say Definitely Yes. This is a couple that is in love and they don't filter their emotions just because they're in public.

When I blogged a few days ago my focus was on long term relationships. As always, I thought of hundreds of things I could have and should have thought of when I was writing those sentences.

Public displays of affection, just because the moment hit you as you were in a public place, is a part of the fabric that long term relationships tend to carry along their journey though life.

These events are not planned, nor are they controlable. They are the raw, implusive flashes of energy that are part of the package. However, the lack of such public displays are not signs of a weak relationship...just like such displays do not necessarily prove the relationship is strong.

What I have learned is more like an observation of the prevailing tendencies of long term relationships. When girl friends and boy friends have a certain type of bond, the phrase, "I only have eyes for you," is richly clear to be a part of how they live and love together. All else ceases to matter when the moment comes to let your relationship partner feel the love.

Take a deep look into your relationship and test your temperature. Cold, hot or moderately warm, the idea is to get together and see why you are how you are at this point in time. Love is good and displays of affection are part of the package.

"Get with it and consider Obamatizing your relationship." Life is good so why not expand your enjoyment of it?

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Doc Rich
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