Thursday, July 10, 2008

Two Much Too Give Up

You're busy so I'll keep this short and to the point. You and your relationship partner are both treading to speak. By this I mean you're working hard everyday to make a living and handling the muriad of responsibilities most adults have to handle in the course of life's journey.

So when you hit the wall in regard to being overburdened in your work life doesn't than carryover into your relationship at home? Of course it does.

If you're like most of my readers you're already past the point where it would be an easy decision to give up on your relationship. And giving up just because you're emotionally drained because of too much outside stress is a terrible reason for giving up on your relationship. You have too much to give up now. So what's next?

Release yourself from stress and stressful situations. You must install a release valve or two into your lifestyle. Both you and your relationship partner must take the time to do this right away.

Even when you are both fair and understanding of each other's needs, it's easy to lose it due to an overload of stress that is unrelated to your relationship at home. You must plan for this inevitable explosion.

Sit down during your next weekend and map out a strategy filled with activities, etc, that provide fun ways to totally exhaust the stress that builds up during your work week. You'll find this is the best investment of your time and energy. You'll also realize the benefits for years to come.

Plus the glow it brings to your relationship is second to none.

Doc Rich:)

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